Department of General Medical Supplies

General Medical supplies for all Medical Diseases


APCO is committed to provide the highest quality products and services to help people achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Our deep understanding of the disease and the challenges facing people allows us to adapt the ever changing healthcare environment and deliver timely, dependable and affordable blood glucose monitoring systems and other diabetes solutions.Pillow, Short shape, Contour Pillow, Medical Oxygen Gas, Oxygen Cylinder, Braun Thermo Scan-Ear_Thermometer, Scale, Healthy Living Scale, First Aid, Insulin Protector Case, Silicone Insole, Silicone Heel Cup, Super Elastic Knee Cup Support, Super Elastic Knee Cup support With Patella Opening. Wheel for Physical Therapy, Therapy Pump, Ultra Fine Mattress, Infrared Massage Unit, Fuss Massage, Shoe oder, Smart Pacifier to follow Birth temperature, Bene check Device to measure blood sugar and cholesterol.





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