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APCO is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to manage diabetes and help people achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. Our deep understanding of the disease and the challenges facing people with diabetes allows us to adapt the ever changing health care environment and deliver timely, dependable and affordable blood glucose monitoring systems and other diabetes solutions.

Diabetes Products:

Diabetic Socks, Diabetic Shoes, Disposable Insulin Syringe,Insulin Syringes. Insulin Protector Case, Accu-Check-Active Strips, Accu-Check-Active, Accu-Check Pen Original, One Touch Pen, The Arabic Speaking Device to measure blood sugar, Contour Blood Glucose Mentor, Contour Blood Glucose Strips, Benecheck Blood Glucose Strips, Benecheck Total Cholesterol Strips, Embrace Blood Glucose Monitoring System.

The Embrace Meter

Our meter was built with the end user in mind. Our primary objective was to create a meter which maintained a high degree of accuracy while providing an overwhelming ease of use. The large display and talking component offer double confirmation with results you can both see and hear. The double injection molding along the side of the meter makes for a more secure grip during the testing procedure. With a small blood sample size and fast test results, testing your blood sugar levels has never been this easy. 

Embrace Test Strips and Control Solution

The Embrace No Code Test Strip is the latest advancement in technology utilizing under fill technology and small sample requirements. Both of these features help provide a less painful and more accurate method of testing for the patient...

Under fill technology helps insure that an adequate mount of blood has been applied to the strip and therefore reducing the possibility of creating a false low reading which commonly occurs in many test strips.

A small sample size provides the patient a more painless testing method by allowing alternate site testing on places like the forearm and palm where there are less nerve endings.

These features of the Embrace No Code Test Strip are all designed with one thing in mind, providing a more pleasant testing experience and keeping the patient compliant.

Your Embrace Control Solution is designed to specifically work with your Embrace Meter. The test between the two insure that the meter and test strip are working together to provide accurate and precise readings


Diabetes Shoes


The home of Quality Orthotics and therapeutic Shoes

- The Highest Quality Footwear

- The Best Diabetic Orthotics

- Attractive Design

- The Lowest Prices

- 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Features and Benefits

** Supple leather conforms to the contours of the foot, enhancing comfort

**  Seamless lining, made of soft fabric, and padded with foam,provides excellent protection.

** Cushioning sole, with a true Toe-Spring design, softens the step, and helps propel foot forward.

** Extra-depth design offers a loose fit and freedom for toe movement.Embrace Glucose Monitoring System,

** Two removable spacers (1/16” and 1/8” thick) allow the adjustment of the space inside the shoe

for a perfect fit

** Hidden depth design offers the appearance of regular depth shoes.



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