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About Dead Sea Products

The Highest Quality Especially From the Dead Sea for Your Luxury


 The Dead Sea is the lowest spot on earth (1312 feet) below sea level, is located in the heart of the Holy Land, and fed by the Jordan River and the many mineral springs thermal, making it a unique source of natural minerals needed for soft and healthy skin, and a full source to relax the body. 
The Dead Sea tourist areas therapeutic most active in the region, as the salts contained in it is three times the salt in the regular sea, It cures a lot of skin diseases such as psoriasis and sensitivities of various skins,
Has been used by Queen Cleopatra, Queen of Sheba, and other ancient queens conviction their therapeutic and cosmetic benefits 
Dead Sea salt is a natural mixture of minerals extracted from the Dead Sea, and its water is one of the most benefit for the skin and body .
There are many people who travel to the Dead Sea from around the world to recover from many diseases such as:

   - Joints and muscles Spasm and stiffness 
   - Respiratory and explanations 
   - Stimulate circulation 
   - Skin and skin peels 
   - Urinary and gravel and chronic constipation 
   - Some gynecology (infertility) 
   - Activate the body and retrieve vital 
   - Disease psoriasis, and the disappearance of skin colors


Let us help you to:

  • Clean and remove impurities that hinder the process of nutrition
  • Relieving pain caused by joint inflammation
  • Ease the pain caused by arthritis
  • Prevent skin pigmentation
  • Activate blood circulation
  •  Peeling dead skin cells

Our Product Range:

       ** Body Care

       ** Face Care

       ** Foot Care

       ** Hair Care

       ** Hands Care

       ** Bath Salts

       ** Mud

Soap and Shampoo

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